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In the following family tree, and table the indexing of individuals is done using the common ancestral indexing used in family trees, which observes the following methodology:


                                    ┌ father =4

                 father = 2┤

                                 └ mother = 5

”I”     = 1┤

                                 ┌ father = 6

               └mother = 3┤

                                    └ mother = 7


In other words, the father’s number is acquired by doubling the child’s number and the mother’s number by adding one (1) to the father’s number.


The end of each branch of the family tree is a “founding ancestor” who acts as the basis of the indexing.


                                      128                             128  Johan Johansson KLEEMOLA 1707 – 1784 Kälviä                                          1

                               ┌64┤                                      64  Matthias Johansson ASUJAMAA 1748 – 1832 Kälviä

                                                           1032 1032 Lars KLEEMOLA ? - ? Kälviä                                                                           2


For example, the ancestor number 128”identifies” the first table. Clicking 1 will take the browser to the beginning of this table (128). Alternatively, clicking 2 will lead to the beginning of table 1032.



Each table starts with a chain of ancestors, which describes their connection to Sinikka or Tapani.


Tables 128

Generation 8

128 farmer Johan Johansson KLEEMOLA ∞ 129 Beata Olofsdr. KLEEMOLA


Generation 7

64 farmer Matthias ASUJAMAA ∞ 65 Maria Andersdr. ISO-HAKUNTI


Generation 6

32 farmer Esajas Mattsson ASUJAMAA or MAUNUMÄKI or MALMSTEN ∞

                                                                           33 Anna Lisa SIIRILÄ or MAAJÄRVI or MAUNUMÄKI


Generation 5

16 farmer Matthias Esajasson MALMSTEN ∞ 17 Elisabet Israelsdr. SIIRILÄ or MIKKOLA


Generation 4

8 farmer Juho MALMSTEN or SIIRILÄ ∞ 9 Edla Sofia AHRLUND


Generation 3

4 teacher Yrjö SIIRILÄ ∞ 5 teacher Aili Amanda TORK


Generation 2

2 airline chiefpilot Yrjö Olavi SIIRILÄ ∞ 3 Bachelor of Economic Sciences Sirkka Tuulikki KUPIAINEN


Generation 1

1 Doctor in Pharmacy Sirkka Sinikka SIIRILÄ ∞ Manager of IT Division Martti Tapani FRISTRÖM



The table is divided into generations based on their distance from Sinikka or Tapani. For example, Johan Johansson KLEEMOLA is the eight generation above Sinikka. All the tables included in the table start with the number of the ancestor (128), followed by the generation (8), and a number (1) indicating the ranking of the table in the particular “generational stage”.


Generation 8


Table 128-8-1


The individual information includes the following:


128.1           Maria Johansdr.2 KLEEMOLA or ASUJAMAA [304], born 31 Jan 1732 in Kleemola, Jokikylä, Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland; died 23 Nov 1808 in Lento, Marinkaisen kylä, Lohtaja, Vaasan lääni, Finland. She married Pehr Johansson LENTO [892]. (Table 128-7-1)


128.1 indicates that the person is the first child of Sinikka’s ancestor number 128. [304] is the individuals id-number in the database. 2 indicates how many generations the individual is from the “founding ancestor”.


(Table 128-7-1) indicates the table where the couple and their children can be found.


Table 128-7-1


128.1 Maria Johansdr.2 KLEEMOLA or ASUJAMAA [304] (Table 128-8-1), born 31 Jan 1732 in Kleemola, Jokikylä, Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland; died 23 Nov 1808 in Lento, Marinkaisen kylä, Lohtaja, Vaasan lääni, Finland. She married on 12 Jun 1753 in Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland Pehr Johansson LENTO [892], born abt 1735; died 29 Dec 1808 in Lento, Marinkaisen kylä, Lohtaja, Vaasan lääni, Finland son of Johan LENTO [16261] (* ? - † ?).


(Table 128-8-1) following the individual’s name indicates the table he/she appears as a child.



If a woman has married a man who can be found as a child in another table, their children are found in the husband’s table. This is illustrated in the following example:


Table 128-7-4


128.1.5 Anna Johansdr.2 KLEEMOLA or ASUJA [309] (Table 128-8-1), born 24 Mar 1744 in Kleemola, Jokikylä, Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland. She married on 17 Nov 1765 in Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland 624.4.2.4 Erik Eriksson VÄHÄLÄ or HONKALA [880] (Table 624-6-4), born 13 Mar 1736 in Vähälä, Ullavan kylä, Kälviä, Vaasan lääni, Finland.


They moved on 1 Jan 1780 to Pyhäjoki.


Children are in (Table 624-7-9).


The name of an individual is systematically the one found in the birth records, or marriage records if the birth information is unknown. The exceptions to this are people whose (Finnish) name is known for certain.



Moving from table to another is done by clicking a link indicating the table, for example Table 624-7-9

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